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The Hermes EXPLORER II is an excellent folding touring kayak of a length of 5.50 meters, that is resistant to waves up to 2.5 meters high, making it perfect for recreational navigation. It is based on the frame of the military model PHALANX II. This kayak can be folded in 20 minutes without the need for any tools, which makes it highly practical.


Unfold Adventure, Conquer Waves: Ultimate Folding Kayak!


Sea Folding Kayak – EXPLORER II with 10 PARTS FRAME


Experience the excellence of a handcrafted foldable touring kayak with a length of 5.50 meters and a weight of approximately 35 kg. Resilient against waves up to 3 meters high, this kayak is perfect for the most demanding water expeditions.




Easily packed into two bags, this kayak fits into the trunk of your car, offering unparalleled convenience: 



Takes just 10 minutes without the need for tools, thanks to its intuitive design consisting of only 10 components.


Designed for low rivers, lakes, seas, and oceans. The materials used are resistant to saltwater, UV radiation, and tearing.

The wooden frame is coated with a layer of tough, waterproof lacquer for unmatched durability.

Tropically treated wood ensures resistance to microorganisms such as mold.

The metal connecting elements of the kayak sections are made of hardened, anodized, non-corrosive aluminum suitable for marine and aviation applications.



Equipped with robust air chambers, the kayak boasts high buoyancy, stability, and user comfort. Standard features include a wooden frame with aluminum and stainless steel fittings, hand-sewn kayak covering, two air chambers, two comfortable seats, two lightweight asymmetrical folding paddles, and convenient backpacks for packing.

In its base configuration, the kayak’s hull is made of abrasion-resistant, durable, UV-resistant hypalon, commonly used in the production of military pontoons and RIBs. Upon request, the hull can be crafted from thinner and lighter but equally durable and versatile TPU (additional cost option).

The EXPLORER II is a reliable tool for kayakers who value comfort, durability, and safety during extremely long journeys, especially with the ease of transporting the boat to the farthest places of the world (via courier, inside a car, or even in an airplane without significant costs).




Don’t forget to explore additional accessories for your Hermes EXPLORER II kayak!


Key Features:

  • Compact and Comfortable: Easy transport, quick assembly (10-15 minutes)
  • 10-piece kayak frame made of ash wood, corrosion-resistant aluminum, and stainless steel
  • Kayak covering made of durable hypalon (or TPU) and impregnated acrylic fabric
  • Material quality meets NATO special forces requirements
  • Tool-free assembly
  • Capable of enduring extremely long journeys
  • Robust Construction: Designed to withstand the toughest conditions, including high sea waves and saltwater exposure.
  • Customization: Configure accessories according to your preferences.


  • Length: 5.50 m
  • Width: 0.95 m (with inflatable chambers)
  • Height: 0.45 m
  • Weight: 38-45 kg (depending on selected accessories)
  • Cockpit Length/Width: 260 x 55 cm
  • Crew: 2 persons

Each kayak comes with a 5-year warranty on the hull and frame.



Please select the kayak color (red, yellow, graphite, blue) and send it to us in a message.

NOTE: The kayak is available with many optional accessories visible in the photos, not included in the standard equipment. To order accessories, please contact us.

About Hermes Sport:

We are a manufacturer of foldable kayaks with nearly 20 years of experience. Trusted by a large community of travelers and kayakers worldwide. Our products are also chosen by military special units globally due to excellent parameters, competitive prices, and construction reliability.

Order Fulfillment Time: Approximately 20 business days.



Choose a reliable and safe kayak that will serve you for many years!


Individual configuration of accessories possible, under special request


List of additional kayak equipment to configure (LINKS IN NEW TAB):



Become a dealer now. Contact us at office@hermessport.pl


Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 140 × 100 × 100 cm
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