Hermes Military

Introducing our line of extraordinary kayaks for military use

Featuring the PHALANX II Military kayak – a true gem of water transport!


  • The unique feature of this product is its ability to be assembled and disassembled independently within 15-20 minutes, without the need for any tools.
  • Due to the materials used in its construction, it is virtually undetectable by radar.
  • The kayak can be configured with an electric motor and a wide range of accessories and specialized equipment designed specifically for commandos and special forces.
  • We ensure the highest quality of craftsmanship at every stage of production.
  • Our catalog provides detailed information on technical specifications, equipment, and extraordinary features that set the PHALANX II Military apart from other kayaks. With its advanced design and innovative solutions, this kayak ensures comfortable and stable paddling, regardless of the water conditions.
  • Don’t wait any longer! Gain a new perspective on the water and enjoy the excellent quality offered by the PHALANX II Military.

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    The Hermes EXPLORER II is an excellent folding touring kayak of a length of 5.50 meters, that is resistant to waves up to 2.5 meters high, making it perfect for recreational navigation. It is based on the frame of the military model PHALANX II. This kayak can be folded in 20 minutes without the need for any tools, which makes it highly practical.

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